Loudreaders Session 15


September 19, 2020
11:00pm EST

LOUDREADERS Session 15: Insaf Ben Othmane
September 19, 2020
11:00pm EST

Insaf Ben Othmane Loudreads Antonio Gramci theories on cultural hegemony,  Edward W. Said polemics on Orientalism, and letters from refugees in a world in crisis.

Insaf Ben Othmane is a Tunisian architect, urban development strategist and researcher. She is the founder of Oecumene Studio - as she likes to describe it : The evolving hub for creative processes, complex and connected mechanisms, disciplines, knowledge and people to rebuild resilient societies by bridging the gap between the Know and the Know how (The theory and practice). Oecumene Studio is where architecture is questioned, rethought and redefined to become a process to build societies, empower communities and support them to transmit their leg through generations: A complexe mechanism to design possibilities for positive impact.

Her main research interests revolve around architecture in development, urban resilient projects, empowerment of communities through holistic integrated projects and strategies. Working for over ten years internationally in the area of community development, urban governance and strategic planning, and urban technologies in MENA and Africa led her to initiate several projects ‘Urban Catalyst’ in partnership with local communities and various stakeholders, organizations like UNHCR and Terre Des Hommes and institutions in search of real and effective solutions to urban challenges of this century. Having heterogeneous studies steered her to be aware of the importance of multidisciplinary practice and the influence of sharing knowledge which led to the idea of Co-founding SCS Resilience and Sharnaqa in 2019. Parallel to her work she teaches theory of art and architecture, Urban Design, urban resilience, history of architecture and cities and she conducts several design and build workshops that aims to foster sharing knowledge and empowerment of vulnerable groups. She is also the curator of In-situ Community Build Exhibition: Ala-Abouh and ArchitectureForChange: Genius Tempus (Exhibition/Symposium/Workshop) Series.