Loudreaders Planetary 29

Nora Akawi & Eduardo Rega Calvo

June 10, 2021 6:00pm EST

Nora Akawi is a Palestinian architect, and focuses on architecture’s entanglements in processes of erasure and exclusion in settler colonialism. She is an assistant professor of architecture at The Cooper Union, where she teaches Thesis studio and a series of courses on borders and on archives, in collaboration with researchers, artists, among others. Prior to joining The Cooper Union, she taught at Columbia GSAPP where she was the director of Studio-X Amman.

Eduardo Rega Calvo is a Canarian architect and a full-time lecturer at The University of Pennsylvania’s school of design, where he is also a Senior Fellow at PennPraxis. He teaches history and theory courses and architectural design studios, paying particular attention to architecture’s capacity to translate, operate in, and contribute to insurgent social and political movements. His research and pedagogical project Architectures of Refusal focuses on architecture and social mobilization for solidarity economies and decolonial practices.

They live together with their daughter Naïra in the Bronx, where they recently started the interdisciplinary research and design studio Interim Projects, through which they develop the work they do together.