Session 1
June 19
Session 2
June 20

Session 3
June 21
Session 4
June 22
Session 5
June 23
Session 6
June 24
Session 7
June 25
Session 8
June 26
Session 9
June 27
Session 10
June 28

Ten Sessions
Loudreading and Worldmaking
The Trade School is structured in ten days, and each day includes Loudreading sessions (with guest speakers presenting theories, ideas, and projects), and worldmaking sessions focused on the arts & crafts of the screen. In each of the worldmaking sessions, designers, architects, and authors will be in direct contact with the participants, in a creative and informal environment. 

Friday, June 19 // Introduction to Loudreaders

2pm Loudreaders Intro 1: WAI Think Tank on Loudreaders, Architectural Pedagogy, and Emancipation

4pm Destemming Session

5pm basic photoshop skills (for students will less exposure to photoshop)

Saturday, June 20 // Introduction to Loudreaders

1pm Loudreaders Intro 2: WAI Think Tank + Luis Othoniel Rosa on Loudreaders and Luisa Capetillo

4:00pm Destemming Session

5pm: Worldmaking: WAI Think Tank on Narrative Architecture

Sunday, June 21 // Infrastructures and Media of Ideology

1pm Loudreaders Session: Ersela Kripa & Stephen Mueller / AGENCY on Military Architecture

3pm Destemming Session

4pm Worldmaking Session: Ryan Scavnicky on Memes and Digital Theory

Monday, June 22 // Pure Form, Ideology and Design

1pm Loudreaders Session: WAI Think Tank on Pure Hardcore Icons

2pm Worldmaking Session: Rem D. Koolhaas / United Nude (This session won’t be recorded)

Tuesday, June 23 // Reconstructing Architecture

12:30 pm Loudreaders Session: Nora Wendl on the Farnsworth House

2:30 pm Loudreaders Session: Diego Grass Puga / On Digital Architectural Documentation

4-4:30 Destemming Session

4:30pm Worldmaking Session: Traumnovelle

Wednesday, June 24 //Museologies and Archives

11:30 am Loudreaders Session: Brendan Cormier (Victoria & Albert Museum) on Museums post-Covid

12:30pm Loudreading Discussion with Brendan Cormier, Raymund Ryan (Architecture Hall Carnegie Museum of Art) and more

3pm Worldmaking Session: Andrew Kovacs on Archiving Affinities

Thursday, June 25 // Queer Spaces and Cartographies

1pm Loudreaders Session: Aaron Betsky on Queer Design

3pm Destemming Session

4pm Worldmaking Session: VenidaDevenida on Subverting Architectures

Friday, June 26 // Commoning and Poetry

1pm Loudreaders Session: Stefan Gruber on An Atlas of Commoning

3pm Destemming Session

4pm Worldmaking Session: Christopher Rey Perez on Poetry and Writing

Saturday, June 27 // Food, Design and Solidarity

TBD Loudreaders Session: Alice Grandoit & Nu Goteh / Deem Journal on Food, Design, and Dignity

TBD Destemming Session

TBD Worldmaking Session: Stephanie Sang Delgado on Cooking and Architecture

Sunday, June 28 // Loudreaders

TBD Loudreaders Session

TBD Destemming, Crits, and Discussions

Loudreader Sessions are recorded zoom presentations  by guest speakers using books, projects, or ideas as starting principle for discussions and exchanges.

Loudreader Forums consist of several Loudreaders engaging in discussion over books, projects, or ideas.

Destemming Sessions borrow their name from the repetitive labor of removing the stems from the tobacco leaf in these sessions intended for free discussions and small and large groups

Worldmaking sessions are ‘how-to’ workshops focusing on architectural, design, artistic, and literary skills.