Aaron Betsky
June 25, 2020 1:00pm

June 25: 2020 4:00pm

Loudreaders Session 7:
1:00pm EST

Aaron Betsky discusses Queer Space

Active in professional service throughout his career, Betsky has served as a board member, councilman, and chairman for a number of art, architecture, and publishing organizations. He received his bachelor’s degree in history, the arts, and letters in 1979 and his master’s of architecture in 1983, both from Yale University.

Destemming Session 6:
Andrew Kovacs dicusses ‘Instant Elevation’
3:30pm EST

Worldmakers Session 6:
4:00pm EST

creates a workshop about Dissident Objects

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VenidaDevenida identify as a collective, centred on the collaboration between Ana Olmedo and Elena Águila. With shared backgrounds in architecture and art, they first worked together while at the European University of Madrid in 2014. Their joint research focused on an approach to architecture and design as tools for activism, using them as speculative and investigative mediums.

The name VenidaDevenida refers to being and becoming, based on the idea that identity is a continual process of conflict and negotiation. The name was adopted from 2016 on, and established a mode of working related to identity manifested through reappropriated objects and spaces used as resistance to promote divergent positions. As a collaborative work, their projects underline the importance of building a collective alternative to question the prevalent architectural narratives. VenidaDevenida’s work is centred on the idea that architecture and design can be unfixed, in flux and constantly changing. Through these ideas they see users not as mere spectators, but actors who can construct and perform their own rules within architecture.

Their practice exists across multiple channels –spatial installations, publications, garments, graphic identities and videos– to examine the hegemonic means of representations in visual practices and suggesting critical alternatives to them. Their aim is to be sensible to the political understanding of cities, communities and spaces.