Alice Grandoit, Nu Goteh, Alexis Aceves Garcia
June 27, 2020 1:00pm

Stephanie Sang Delgago
June 27: 2020 4:00pm

Loudreaders Session 9:
1:00pm EST

Alice Grandoit, Nu Goteh, and Alexis Aceves Garcia Loudread about food, design, dignity, and DEEM

Download the session readings here.

With a talent for engaging deeply to develop strong social microcosms around design and social engagement, Alice Grandoit is a champion for enhancing the way people connect with their experiences. Grandoit’s practice is rooted in empowerment, cultural collaborations, and the creation of experiential platforms molded around emergent creatives. As a social engagement designer and cultural researcher who builds awareness through strategic community partnerships, programming, and experiences, she is focused on a multi-dimensional experience with the world.  These ideas are united by her work as the co-founder and editorial director of Deem Journal. Alice’s desire to pioneer human-centered solutions, combined with her experience working with global organizations for more than a decade, have informed her projects Room for Magic, a collaborative design studio, and its partner publication Deem Journal.

Nu Goteh is a multi-disciplinary creative & designer who works in audio, visual and written mediums. He is the co-founder of the strategy and design studio, Room for Magic, and co-founder and creative director of partner publication, Deem Journal. Nu’s practice is informed by his love for counter/subculture(s), his background as a Liberian-born refugee, and a lifelong dedication to building platforms that enable communities to engage in shared experiences. Holding a Masters in Strategic Design & Management from Parsons School of Design, Nu is focused on the capabilities of design-thinking and on investing in ideas that solve bigger problems as a means of elevating the well-being of others. Based in Los Angeles, he has helped brands such as Puma, RedBull, Sonos, Adidas, and Sesame Street, improve upon the way people experience culture, community, and social capital. With an inherent understanding of the elements needed to build community platforms, Nu brings over a decade of branding, research, strategic development, ideation and production to creating equitable change to the way communities are being represented.

Alexis Aceves Garcia is a first-generation genderqueer Latinx and Indochinese poet, curator, and facilitator from San Diego, CA. They are the curator and host of the Abuela’s Backyard Reading Series and Open Mic at Bowery Poetry, a virtual space that centers and uplifts QTBIPoC voices once a month. They also co-moderate the Writing Our Worlds Writing Club at Ethel’s Club. Their latest poems are forthcoming in Apogee Journal and Peach Mag. When they’re not working on poems, they’re part of the editorial and social team at Deem Journal. Find them on Instagram and Twitter @loveloaf_.

Worldmakers Session 9:
4:00pm EST

Stephanie Sang Delgado

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Stephanie Sang Delgado is an architectural designer and a Teaching Fellow at the School of Architecture at Taliesin. She received her Master of Architecture from the Knowlton School at Ohio State where she was awarded the Graduate Enrichment Fellowship and Architecture Research Travel Award. Stephanie is a registered architect in Ohio.