A Manual of Anti-Racist Architecture Education

A Manual of Anti-Racist Architecture Education is an unprecedented tool that centers architecture and architectural education in the struggles against racism and the material legacy of white supremacy.

A valuable resource for designers, educators, students, and anybody who’s lives are affected by the built and destroyed environment, this anti-racist manual unveils how architecture and architectural education is shaped by the construction of race and outlines ways to imagine emancipatory architectures. Divided in three parts, the manual discusses economic, cultural, political, spatial, and historical hurdles that must be overcome before, during, and after school. An appendix presents an overview on the precarious labor of anti-racist education.

Through diagrams, analytical texts, and manifestos, A Manual of Anti-Racist Architecture Education asks many questions about the current state of architecture and imagines a future centered on social and ecological justice.

Written, illustrated, and designed by  architects, educators, and authors Cruz Garcia and Nathalie Frankowski of WAI Architecture Think Tank, A Manual of Anti-Racist Architecture Education is equally a tool for activism, design education, and worldmaking.

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Issue no.1
March 2024

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